Monday, June 14, 2010

Two Hits and a Miss

I apoligize for the lack of updates in the past week. Much of it is due to the fact that I spent Thursday through Sunday on an ACTS retreat. Fantistic experience, but the food there really gave me new appreciation for the way I eat. While I did my best to make healthy choices out of the food that was offered, I certainly didn't stay clean all weekend. Rather than seeing this as a set back, it has just revitalized me to want to eat even healthier now.
At first I was thinking, "Seriously? Who eats like that?" when seeing the food they were serving. I mean mashed potatoes, bread and macaroni and cheese all in one meal??? Carbohydrates anyone? Then I realized that most people woud find the food they were serving there a lot more normal than what I eat on a daily basis. If the average person were to be served what I eat on a typical day, they would probably think it was completely weird.

Take for example what I ate as an afternoon snack about an hour ago: Sauted Yellow Squash and Strawberries. I began by sauting the squash with some olive oil, a whole shallot, red pepper flakes, and herbes de provence (love that stuff!). When the squash was al dente, I plated it. Before consuming it a container of strawberries on a nearby counter caught my eye. Thinking the sweetness and softness of the berries might be a nice contrast, I took two, cut them into small chunks and tossed them with the squash.

                                             Odd? Sure. Delicious? Definitely.

The other day after lunch I was wanting something sweet and desserty yet not overly indulgent. Grilled peaches were the perfect solution. I just took two small peaches, cut them in half, removed the pit and sprinkled with cinnamon. An outdoor grill would work best, but not wanting to take the time I just threw them onto an indoor griddle/grill type thing.

They get so sweet and juicy as they cook; it is delicious. Just plain they are fantastic, but if you wanted to take it a step farther grilled peaches with ice cream would be fantastic.

On a side note, I made clean pancakes this morning using this recipe. Honestly, I really didn't like them that much. Topped with a little cashew butter, some nectarine chunks and a sprinkling of cinnamon, they were okay, but still I really I wouldn't really recommend them. It was a little disappointing actually. I guess I'll have to keep looking for a good, clean pancake recipe. I'll let you know what I find.

Question of the Day: what do you do in situations where other prepare your food? Do you pack your own food, try to make healthy choices out of what is offered, or just eat what is served and vow to eat healthy in the future?

Thanks for reading,
Ann Claire


Rosemary & Garlic said...

Unfortunately, when someone else is preparing the food you have less options. I try to load up on grains and fruits if I can find them.

I hear it was a wonderful weekend for all. Thanks for all you did.

Try the tricolor vegetable pate if you are looking for a stunning dip.

Don't look at any of the other recipes :)

Erica said...

I LOVE grilled peaches. Grilled pineapple is awesome too :) . I have a tendency to pack a lot of my own food when I'm unsure of a place I'm eating at. Hope you have a good week :)

Katherine said...

Grilled peaches are yummy. I also like to cook apples in the microwave with some water in a bowl and then sprinkle cinnamon on.

teenagehealthfreak said...

I bring my own stuff!! And I share! I always bring a veggie/humus/dip tray to I know that i will have a veggie to eat..and a healthy dessert..fruit..or some sort of good cookies. if it's like a field trip or something..I pack my lunch..and i'm proud to do it..i used to not be..but i'm like hey you want me to pack you something heatlhy next time too?? ha ha.. :)

Ann Claire said...

I'll certainly have to try the vegetable pate. All your breads look delicious! I love homemade bread!

Yes grilled pineapple is wonderful. I espicially love grilled pineapple rings on burgers.

I haven't tried microwaved apples, but definitely have to! It's like an easy and healthy apple pie!

Those are great ideas.It takes a little more effort but packing your own food is certainly worth it! I truly believe many more people would eat healthy if they knew how easy and delicious it could be!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh girl, I totally know. I was at camp all week like I mentioned before, and I was SHOCKED at some of the stuff that was served. Every meal consisted of 2-3 sources of carbs and a source of meat. They did have salad at most lunches/dinners, but it was pretty lame since it only had iceberg lettuce, tomatoes and cucumbers. One day steamed broccoli was served, which made me really happy, but I was appalled to see almost every girl coat her broccoli in a nasty yellow "cheese" sauce. It's such a shame that people don't appreciate the goodness of pure vegetables. :(

Those peaches look INCREDIBLE. I was just wondering what I should do with a big ol' bag of nectarines sitting on my countertop. Thank you for the idea. :)

What didn't you like about the pancakes? The recipe sounds pretty good! lol.

In situations where other people provide food, I typically try to bring my own. It's super hard though, so I understand. It's easier to bring food to camps and conferences, but when someone invites you over for dinner it's a totally different story. Those are the times when I try not to stress about that piece of white bread or those chemicals that are going into my mouth. Blah.

Okay, this comment is far long enough. Sorry. :)

Ann Claire said...

Kelsey! I completely agree, more people need to appreciate their veggies! They are so naturally good, why add anything??

Well I sure hope you enjoyed your grilled nectarines :)

I'm not sure what I didn't like about the pancakes. Feel free to try them, maybe it was just my opinion. I think part of the problem was that I didn't blend the oats. It said you didn't have to so I didn't, thinking it might result in a nice chewy texture. That was a mistake, they were too thick and I had to add water to make them even spreadable.

Yes, eating at other people's houses is hard. If someone goes through the trouble to have a meal prepared I don't want to seem unappreciative or ungrateful by not eating or bringing my own food.

Thanks for the comment!