Monday, June 7, 2010

Cleaning Up

I think this photo speaks for itself: a piece of pan grilled tilapia on a bed of mustard greens, topped with a bruschetta-like mix of tomatoes I got at the farmers market yesterday, fresh basil from my moms garden, salt, pepper, balsamic and olive oil. A delicious lunch if I do say so myself.

In my first post I said I was not going to follow a specific type of eating such as vegetarian, vegan, Mediterranean, low-carb, etc. However, I've changed my mind. As I don't have a specific eating plan to follow, I find it very easy to make excuses for my self. "Well, I didn't specifically say I wasn't going to eat......," I’ll say to myself and then let myself eat something that really doesn't align with the way I want to eat. Another good thing about following a specific diet (I use this word meaning the food one eats, not a weight loss diet) is the resources available. Cookbooks, magazines, blogs, and many other things are all available to assist people following a specific type of eating plan.

I have decided to follow a clean eating diet. I was browsing and was encouraged by the recipes and resources and just decided this is right for me. Consuming food in its most natural state, which is what clean eating is all about, is exactly what I want to do. I will now be following a clean diet and look forward to trying many of the clean recipes I have already found.

What is your opinion? Do you find it easier to follow a specific diet or do you find you’re better off carving your own path to healthy eating?

Check back soon for some Clean Eating Adventures!


Ann Claire


michael.mcbride said...

I am liking the blog. I hope I can afford all the healthy ingredients for you.

The pictures are great.Fresh ingredients are the best. Consider including time to prepare. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

All of the food looks wonderful! I have always wished to eat healthier but living in a country where everything is processed and packaged makes it very difficult. Glad to know others are facing the same challenges. Keep up the good work!

Ann Claire said...

Dad, the great thing about cleaning eating is that because your aren't paying extra for prepackaged or already prepared food it really doesn't cost that.

Thanks! Yes, living in America it is not always easy to find unproccessed and healthy food. Fortunately, with rise in popularity of farmers markets and organic eating, it is getting easier!

Anonymous said...

You make a really great point about setting a specific label for yourself. I've always been against labels (other than "vegetarian" and "clean eating") which is why, even though I eat more like a vegan, I don't call myself one. I don't want to box myself in; however, I also find myself making excuses and saying things like "it's just a tiny bit." Of course that leads me to eating the dairy, which my gurgling stomach pays the price for later. So thank you for the insight.. I'm definitely going to be doing some thinking.