Sunday, June 20, 2010

Apology to My Dear Old Friends the Carbohydrates.

Okay first I just want to clarify something from my last post. I mentioned how during the retreat I was on they served an excessive amount of carbs (bread, mac and cheese, mashed potatoes and I think cake too -all in one meal). I do NOT think carbs are bad. In fact, I think they can and should be part of a delicious and nutritious diet. I know I couldn't live without pasta! What I didn't like about the carbs served on the retreat was they were all super refined and processed. I have no problems with carbs in general. Bring on the complex, whole grain carbs please!

I know I have been really bad about posting lately. My computer access has been quite limited (I'm currently on my phone). I did make some delicious cilantro black bean burgers recently that I can't wait to share with you. I've always been drinking an ton of green tea recently. I know it has many supposed health benefits but I really just drink it because I love the taste!
I'm also considering switching over to wordpress. If I do I want a new name. Ann Claire's Healthy Adventures is a bit of a mouthful. Name suggestions are encouraged!

Thanks for reading,

Ann Claire

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teenagehealthfreak said...

Mmm..your burgers sound great..I love cillantro!!! And green tea too!! Especially iced and nice and cold!! I haven't thought of a name for your blog..but i'll keep it in mind...:)