Sunday, August 15, 2010

So Long Summer

Well hello there. I am officially awful at posting regularly. To all those bloggers who post daily, you amaze me. It's odd because even the days I don't post I still spend time reading all the amazing blogs out there, yet never take the time to post myself. Today is officially my last day of summer. That's right, I start school tomorrow. I'm honestly really looking forward to having a somewhat regular routine as this summer my schedule has been quite erratic.

I started this blog at the beginning of the summer as I journeyed to eat and be healthier in this lovely summer of 2010. Have I eaten perfectly this summer? No way. But, I have learned a ton about nutritious eating and realized how much better I feel when I eat healthfully.

A few goals for this school year:

1. To actually eat a good breakfast. Last year I never woke up early enough to sit down and eat breakfast so usually I either skipped breakfast or just ate whatever I could grab and eat in the car. This year I plan to wake up in time to prepare and eat a nutritious breakfast that will fuel me throughout the day.

2. To exercise regularly. In past years I've done cross country, swimming and tennis so I pretty much always was in some type of organized sport and exercising regularly. This year I am only playing tennis so I will certainly have to make more of an effort in order to be sure I get plenty of exercise. Whether it’s taking my dog for a walk, going running, going to the gym, playing tennis, or whatever other activities I discover, I will certainly be exercising frequently.

3. To incorporate more fresh vegetables and fruits into my lunches I take to school.

4. To get to bed early enough that I am able to get plenty of sleep. Of course this means not procrastinating on homework and studying....easier said than done, but definitely something I'll be working on this year.

5. To listen to my body, not to worry excessively about following a specific eating plan or eating the way others do, but to eat what makes me feel good and what is best for me. (For more about eating for your body check out Heathers wonderful post about it.)

6. To have an enjoyable and fun year!

These aren't resolutions that I expect to do instantly, but things that I will be working on continually. I don't expect myself to do these things perfectly but just to do the best I can. I believe being healthy is a continuous process, a wonderful adventure that lasts a lifetime. While I must now bid the summer farewell I am excited to say hello to what will surely be a wonderful school year.

More food post coming soon!

Thanks for reading,

Ann Claire


Elli said...

Those are awesome goals! I also try to do all of those things during the school year. I am just used to eating a real breakfast in the morning b/c it's what I've always done but I can tell you that it is nice to take the time to have a good nutritious breakfast to start the day right! Getting to bed early is not easy but so worth it! Some times its hard to stay focused and not procrastinate but if you don't it feels good to slide into bed nice and early and know that you are setting yourself up for a good day the next day and getting enough sleep. Once you get used to it, it becomes and it gets way easier!

Good luck with school! I start school in a few weeks and I don't know how it will affect my blogging! I don't have nearly as much time as I do now. Especially in the fall when I manage my school's volleyball team. I also started my blog over the summer so doing it during school will be new to me!

I love you blog and good luck with everything!

teenagehealthfreak said...

I hope you have a great school year and achieve all those goals girl!! you can do it! i start next monday!! ahhh...i'm kinda ready! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Ann! Those are definitely some great goals! They are definitely similar to mine. I hope you're able to accomplish them and that you have a great year!!

Paola <3

Anonymous said...

These look like some very attainable goals! I need to set some for myself before I go back to school. This year is going to be all new to me. I am taking classes at school, at the community college, and on top of that I still have to go to work, workout, and blog. It is going to be tough, but as long as I stay focused then I think that I can manage :)