Tuesday, August 17, 2010

School Fuel

Most likely I am currently getting ready for my first real day of school. Gotta love prescheduled post. I was a little misleading in this post when I said  I would be starting school Monday. While technically yesterday was my first day of school, we didn't actually go to class or anything. On the first day we pretty much just get our locker assignments and books, take pictures and go. Seriously, I would have been out of there by 10 am if it wasn't for student council duties. So today I is my first day that we actually go to class and what not.

What will be my mid-day fuel this first day of school?

An Ezekiel pita spread with a mix of mashed avocado and lime juice and stuffed with chicken, spinach and lots of tomato. Carrots and a pear to be spread with homemade walnut/cashew butter round out the first day of school meal.

A great start to completing goal #3 of incorporating more fresh fruits and veggies into school lunches.

What is your favorite portable meal?

Wonderful waffle adventures coming soon :)

Have a beautiful day.

-Ann Claire


teenagehealthfreak said...

wraps are my most fave portable meal! easy to eat and make!
-avocado/chicken or turkey
mmm!!! your pitas look awesome! :)

Elli said...

That lunch looks delicious! I normally go with the classic portable lunch for school: PB&J! I have fruits and veggies with it but I just can't resist PB&J its the food of the gods!

Anonymous said...

Hey Ann! Oh my, that lunch looks amazing!! I hope you had a great day today! And good job on starting accomplishing your goals ;) Wraps and sandwiches are definitely my fave portable meals btw! =P

Paola <3