Monday, July 12, 2010

French Toast, Preparation, and Product Reviews.

It seems like lately I've been in a bit of a breakfast eating rut, eating the same thing day, after day, after day. Toasted Ezekiel bread with cashew butter and maybe a piece of fruit is what I've had for breakfast many mornings in a row. Saturday morning I decided to use these same basic ingredients and mix it up a bit. In went 2 eggs, some almond milk (next time I think I want to try orange juice as the liquid), some cinnamon and a small amount of agave. Oh, and a few smashed up blueberries. I doused my Ezekiel bread in the mix and threw it on the griddle. While it was cooking I mixed some strawberries, blueberries, cinnamon and a drizzle of pure maple syrup and topped the French toast with it after it was finished cooking. Scrumptious, I tell you, scrumptious.

Doesn't my french toast look lovely?

Any who, I've been trying to focus on being prepared in terms of eating healthy. I am not the type to take my own food to a restaurant, as I don't find it necessary, for me personally, though I understand that for others it may be necessary. I generally just make the best choice I can out of what's on the menu and not worry if a few ingredients in it our not exactly "healthy" or "clean." However, there are some situations where I do bring my own food. One of these is theme parks.

I've never been a fan of theme park food; I find it overpriced, not very tasty, not to mention super processed and unhealthy. Hence, the other day, prior to going to Six Flags, the following went into my bag.
A cherry pie Lara Bar and an Ezekiel bread and cashew butter sandwhich (maybe my Ezekiel/cashew rut goes beyond breakfast?). What are your thoughts on taking your own foot to places where food is served?

Another reason preparation has been on my mind is because in a week I leave to attend a camp for eight days. One thing on the list of things to bring is food (in Ziploc bag so as to keep bugs away). While most of the other teens at the camp will probably bring things like gummy worms, potato chips, M&M's and other not-so-nutritious snacks, I of course will not. I've already been thinking about the foods I want to take. I'd really like to take some things that could be meals, as I don't know what type of food will be served at meals. So far I plan to take Lara Bars, crackers, cashew butter, and dried fruit. Any ideas of other foods that I could take with me to camp?

Oh guess what? On Saturday I received not one, but two products that were sent for me to review. Must have been my lucky day, huh? I'm still trying to decide which product will get the honor of being my first product reviewed ever! Check back soon for the reviews!


Ann Claire


teenagehealthfreak said...

i'm the queen of food packing! ha. lol..I really don't feel bad about taking food where food is served- I used to until I thought: why??? this is what I LIKE. the other people may like whatever- but I don't like it- so I always pack extra b/c you'd be suprised at how interested people can be in trying stuff!!! Well if you're going to pack a little cooler that would probably help you could take: humus, turkey, and tortillas to make some wraps. boiled eggs, bread, granola, cereal, fruit, some "foods" bars, string cheese- for surely nut butter- that could always be a meal. good luck and i'm sure you will have fun and figure out something!! :)

Anonymous said...

I definitely bring food with me to places that sell it! Amusement parks, movies, malls, etc. I like having my healthy options just in case I can't find something that appeals to me. You seem to have a good idea of what to bring already.. maybe nuts, cereal, sandwich, fruit that lasts awhile (apples).

Have fun at camp!

Anonymous said...

Your French Toast look so colorful and yummy! I cannot believe I have never thought to make French Toast with OJ. You should do another post with french toast and tell us how it taste! I pack food all of the time! I take food on road trips, days filled with lots of errands, going to the movies, going to a game, ect. I just always like to have a healthy snack on hand because I get low blood sugar and need something to refuel me.


Camille Writes Life said...

Oh, we just tried the Lara bars. They are GREAT! Vincent loves them, and I don't have to worry about what he's eating.

Alison said...

First off, you are a fantastic example to your teenage friends and I am so proud of you!
I think it is a lot more acceptable and not weird to pack your own snacks anywhere you go these days. The hardest part for camp is the whole refrigeration thing because of the lack of preservatives in healthy food. Can you ask if a cooler is allowed and an ice machine is available? I HATE amusement park food and it makes me sick!
Way to go Annie!!!

Kelsey @ CleanTeenKelsey said...

Congrats on your first product review! I'm so excited for you. :)

Oh gosh, I pack food with me all the time. I meant to do a post about it, but I forgot. Maybe I will do that now. :P My favorite non-refrigerated portable snacks are definitely food bars, fruit, trail mix, peanut butter, coconut butter, bread, tortillas and dry-roasted edamame. Have you ever tried it? They sell it in a pretty big tub at Costco.. it's over with the nuts and everything. I absolutely love it and it makes amazing portable protein. I'd really recommend checking it out. Wasabi peas are good too, but unfortunately they have some artificial coloring.

Oh, also, one of my favorite things to do is to make pre-portioned oatmeal bags. That's what I did at camp and my other church camp last week. I put 1/2 cup oatmeal and a scoop of protein powder in several ziploc baggies, then all you need is to pour some water in the night before. When you wake up in the morning, voila, ready-to-eat, protein-packed oatmeal. :)